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So long and thanks for all the fish!
After six years of having a website we're closing up shop. Thank you for using our site over the years!

(Been several days after we cancelled hosting, but the site is still up, wut.)
By: Zatemedek on Tue 03 Apr 2018
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Zatemedek - Max level! 2018.04.06 @ 17:43:20 - Current points: 10166
Haha, we're as surprised as the rest of you that the site is still up. I've decided to possibly convert the site to something new later on. So hold dem points to yer butts.
RandomRebel - Max level! 2018.04.06 @ 16:57:27 - Current points: 7706
Soo..the site is taking its sweet time closing. Do I want to take advantage of this and use most of my points in the shop, or retire with the highest score on the site (after the owners anyway)?
DomEReapeR - Max level! 2018.03.29 @ 18:05:28 - Current points: 5370
I know I didn't visit often, but I still wanted to come say my final goodbyes!

Maybe one day we will see you again.
Zatemedek - Max level! 2018.03.29 @ 13:59:41 - Current points: 10166
Thank you everyone who registered and used the site over the past 6 years!